Welcome to "The Shoe"

The Economy Shoe Shop is a café and bar that's a staple of Argyle Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We serve up delicious food and drinks, matched with an atmosphere that's rich in history. During the summers, our patio is second to none. We also feature free live jazz every Monday night from the Damien Moynihan Trio.

Our History

Here's a quick history lesson on how the Shoe got its start in Halifax!
  • 1995

    About the Shoe

    In 1995, a set designer cum motorcycle aficionado by the name of Victor Syperek opened the Economy Shoe Shop Café & Bar. Fast forward 18 years and “The Shoe,” credited with seeding The Marquee Club, The Press Gang Lounge & Oyster Bar and the Seahorse Tavern, is a Halifax destination, anchor on Argyle Street and home to monthly celebrations of local art and the city’s longest running Monday night jazz show.

  • 1960

    How did the Shoe get its name?

    The Economy Shoe Shop was a real shoe store that operated on Barrington Street in the 1950s and 1960s. When the store closed, the sign ended up lost amidst a collection of stuff. Years later, when it was time to name Victor’s first-ever bar on Argyle Street...